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Start List (updated on 15 June)


Please check start list from here.

◆2018 Start List (updated on 15 June) 2018IM70.3Japan START LIST 180615-2.pdf

◆Bike&Gear Check-out
Thank you for answering the survey about Bike&Gear Check-out.
After the race, your bike & gear will be returned at Boat Race Tokoname South Parking or Centrair Airport Ferry Terminal South, based on the your answer to the survey.
We added your answer to the Start List. Please confirm if there is no wrong.

*If you have not answered before the deadline, your bike & gear will be returned as below based on the information registered when you made race entry.
 If you registered "come to the venue by CAR": return at Boat Race Tokoname South Parking
 If you registered "come to the venue by other transportation": return at Centrair Airport Ferry Terminal South

*Red Marking is placed on the Bike seat post label and Transition bag label if you chose Centrair Airport Ferry Terminal South.
*If you would like to change where you will receive you bike & gear after the race, please let us know at Athlete Check-in on 16th June.

◆Race Briefing (mandatory)
Race Briefing 1-3,6,7 are held in Japanese language. If you need translation for English speakers, please attend Race Briefing 4. (Race briefing 5 is only for PRO.)

If you can comprehend the instruction in Japanese, you can attend the designated time of Race Briefing 1-3 (Please refer to the right of your name on Start List), or which you prefer of Race Briefing 6 or 7.
In order to attend Race Briefing 1-3, you need to show the "Participation Pass" to the staff in the entrance.(You can participate only for the designated time by race organiser.)
We sent the pass to all athletes by e-mail.

Please confirm the event schedule here.