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Mandatory Survey about Bike&Gear Check-out


We updated our WEB about Transport.

◆about Bike & Gear Delivery
Please read through the guidance from the link below in fear of the confusion on race day.

The race staff will deliver your bike & gear and return them after the race.
Please chose where to return, Boat Race Tokoname South Parking or Centrair Airport Ferry Terminal South, from the following survey.

(*mandatory survey: Please submit before May 27th.)

・There is no free parking in airport island available for Participant. If you will come to the venue by car, please use Free Shuttle Bus from Boat Race Tokoname South Parking near Finish area.

・For athletes who will come by plane/ bus/ train or who will stay in airport island, we recommend to select Centrair Airport Ferry Terminal South.
*Centrair Airport bridge which connects the airport and main land is used only for cars/trucks, bike traffic is prohibited. Please note.

*Red Marking is placed on the Bike seat post label and Transition bag label if you would chose Centrair Airport Ferry Terminal South.
*Bike and gear can't be sent separately to different places.

If we cannot confirm your responce to the survey before the deadline, the race office will specify the place to delivery your bike & gear as below based on the survey you answered at the time of registration.
Athletes who selected "Car" as the transportation to the venue:Boat Race Tokoname South Parking
Athletes who selected others than "Car" as the transportation to the venue:Centrair Airport Ferry Terminal South

◆about Free Shuttle Bus

◆about Parking

Athlete Guide will be released soon.